Welcome To My Authors Cove

I am a writer of many different styles, though my work consists mostly of short stories, poetry, reviews and articles. During your stay in my cove, you will come across a selection of each topic that has been mentioned and will be explored throughout this brief introduction. I hope that you will enjoy your stay here, and find the time to leave comments or send in emails if you wish.

Short Stories 

My short stories are either based upon romantic ideas that I have swimming around my mind, or simply fan fiction based upon certain celebrities that I'm intrigued by at the time. This is an endless cycle of birthing ideas, so there's never a blank page at the end of each day. On this site, you will come across a selective list of short stories that have been rated by readers, and there will also be an option to purchase the stories listed if you are interested.


Rather than post my poetry straight onto this site, I will be linking readers to my page on Writers Network. That way, you may browse through each and every poem I have written, as well as the poetry of other writers if you wish to. My poems, as with my short stories, are more or less based around romance and celebrity tributes. The poetry that has already been published on that site will not be sold to readers, but if you wish to request a poem you may.


I tend to write a lot of reviews, typically based off movies or music and sometimes the odd product here and there if I am really intrigued by it. I'll post samples of my review writing techniques in a seperate page on this site so you may have a gander and hopefully find what you are looking for. I try hard to give in depth descriptions and detail in regard to movies I have watched or music I have listened to and found to be incredibly powerful.


These are my favourite pieces of writing, along with short stories. I spend hours each day just coming up with new ideas alone so that I may produce quality content for my main blog. If you would like to view my writing skills via that site instead, I will find somewhere to post a link to my other corners of the web. Article samples will be displayed on this site with brief summaries and there will be an option to request an article or article batch if you would like to.